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Found at a Train Station in Dead Winter

Found at a Train Station in Dead Winter Somewhere over a misted stream A place you may only reach in dream. A city emerging from the gloom, Are you sure you’re still sleeping in your room? Step forward, and you will surely come, To clouded-eyed Lurubium. The streets are crowded, that is true. So many faces you wish you knew. Creators all, the obsession deep, To discover within and underneath. But madness too will come to them, In clouded-eyed Lurubium. Up top science stands firm and proud, Bringing gifts and glory to the crowds. But lurking down under magic reins And proves formidable, the academics’ bane. Their blind hatred makes them numb, In clouded-eyed Lurubium. But be wary child, for what’s below, Only makes the madness grow. Things that cannot, should not be. We must cover our eyes, so we can see. Lunacy spreads, a constant hum, Through clouded-eyed Lurubium. Deep below, she calls to us, Cast out, betrayed by the treasonous. Only one who should be dead, Can hear her voice inside his head. He cannot speak, left mute and dumb, Beneath clouded-eyed Lurubium. So now you know the truth inside, Can you look upon this city with pride? Under the polish, doom awaits us all, And bides it’s time, for all must fall. Yet life continues on for some, In clouded-eyed Lurubium. Will the cycle e’er be overcome? We may never know the fate, Of clouded-eyed Lurubium.

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