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The Morrigan, Thanatos, Santa Muerte, the Grim Reaper, etc.

The Morrigan, Thanatos, Santa Muerte, The Grim Reaper, etc. She walks among life At all hours. But it rarely sees her. It doesn’t want to. At its core She is the thing That life fears Above all else. She is there: In the Hospitals And the Slums And the Factories Where migrant workers Mutilate themselves For the first world’s Pleasure. She is there also: In the Offices And the Mansions And the Private wards Where those with diseases That even all the money In the world cannot cure Waste away. She comes for all In time. Rich man, Poor man, Beggar, Thief. All are equal In her eyes. They all see her Differently, When they can See her at all. Only those Who have met her Once before Can see her work. And she is always working. Sometimes She is a woman with tangled, Raven black hair, Blessed with an accent That drives even the doomed Wild. Sometimes She is a skeleton In a shroud, Her bone-white face Always grinning, As she cuts through souls Like wheat. Sometimes She is a loved one Come to welcome the dying To the world Beyond. Sometimes she is nothing at all. She envies those Few. Or maybe not. Most never see her, As she passes through Their lives. Yet some have come Within an Inch Of meeting her. And the veil Is lifted. A sister sees her In a hospital. She becomes a thin, Bald woman, With sunken cheeks And hollow expression. A man in a uniform And haunted eyes, Limping from his Prosthetics, Sees her at the airport. She becomes a bomb. A little girl, All pigtails and frills, Sees her in passing On the street. She becomes a large, Ugly man, With his fly Unzipped And his breath reeking of Alcohol. She hates those times. But sooner Or later, All come to her. And the world Keeps turning. The seas rise And fall. The Earth’s crust Shifts. Cities and Nations Grow and flower And fade. Nothing lasts forever. Call her what you will: The Morrigan, Thanatos, Santa Muerte, The Grim Reaper, Hel, Osiris, The End. Most just call her D E A T H She keeps walking. Something... Big Is coming. It’s going to be a long night.

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